Cashphlow is easy:

Save time. Save cash.

Business Owners

If you are a business owner, Cashphlow can help you get the answers to mission critical questions about your company’s financial health!

Finance Teams

Using Cashphlow lets your team quickly update your company’s forecast and work through “what if” scenarios with ease.


Use client folders to keep forecasts organized and send simple executive views of forecasts to clients.

Business Owners

We know all too well how often companies go without proper management of their cash balance even though it’s critical for a successful operation. Start getting the answers to key questions about your company’s standing and potential for growth including:

  • Can I afford to hire another employee? When?
  • Can I afford to buy upgraded equipment?
  • Which of my customer invoices need to come in this week? By the end of the month? By the end of the quarter?
  • What bills are due this week and the following?
  • Do I have enough cash for the upcoming payroll cycles?


You don’t need to wing it anymore. With Cashphlow you get the data you need to keep your company running smoothly, and you don’t need to be an accountant to do it!

  • Automatically create a 12 week forecast, every week
  • Set cash goals
  • Easily adjust your forecasts for what-if scenarios

How Cashphlow Supports Finance Teams

Being able to get clear and succinct reports on your company’s cash management is an essential part of your regular workweek, but how much of your time is it taking up? Cashphlow follows the best practices in cash management to forecast cash weekly for 12 weeks in record time.


  • Compare forecasted cash balances to budget and rolling forecasts to manage these plans.
  • Automate – spreadsheet file templates need to be updated every week and are at risk for errors. Replace Excel!
  • Save time! Cut back on hours of work every week.  Update your company’s forecast every week by rolling forward data and importing new data automatically.
  • Easily create what-if scenarios to present to upper management. What if a customer’s payment is delayed? Change the due date and Cashphlow adjusts any changes automatically.
  • Download and send the PDF “12 Week Cash Report” to management for a simple executive view of the cash forecast.

    Powerful Tools for Advisors

    Exceed your clients expectations without taking up as much of your time with Cashphlow. Provide the best practice and discipline of weekly cash forecasting service in an easy-to-navigate platform:

    Use client folders to keep forecasts organized.

    Download and send a 12 week cash report to management for a simple executive view of the cash forecast.

    Download and send an Excel version of the detailed forecast to the accounting team at the client site to manage cash operations.

    The monthly subscription is paid for after the first weekly client forecast!

    Save Time and Save Cash

    No matter your role in finance, managing your cash balance is a time-consuming but essential part of business. It doesn’t have to be. Sign up for Cashphlow’s free trial to see how you can get on top of your 12-week forecasting in minutes and take your business to the next level.