Automated 12Week Cash Forecasting


Cash forecasting at a weekly level is a best practice.  But it is time consuming. It can take hours to create an error free forecast.  Our software makes the process easy. And it can be used with ANY accounting system or without one. Ditch the spreadsheets and start today.

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Forecast your short-term cash flow for the next 12 weeks or 1 quarter.   A Weekly forecasting process is critical to knowing your cash cycles.



Automate your weekly cash flow plan. Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets in order to plan for the future.  Simply upload your data with two CSV files and create a forecast in minutes, not hours.


Manage your weekly cash inflows and outflows.  Use the forecast as a weekly management dashboard to provide visibility for the team.

The #1 reason businesses fail is cash flow problems

According to research, the overwhelming reason 82% of businesses fail is cash flow problems. Understanding and planning your cash flow is a critical aspect of keeping your business running successfully.

You don’t need to wing it anymore.

With Cashphlow, you get the data you need to keep your company running smoothly!

Automatically create a 12 week forecast, every week

Set cash goals

Easily adjust your forecasts for what-if scenarios

Save Time and Save Cash

No matter your role in finance, managing your cash balance is a time-consuming but essential part of business. It doesn’t have to be. Sign up for Cashphlow’s free trial to see how you can get on top of your 12-week forecasting in minutes and take your business to the next level.